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After AVON officially stopped in the Netherlands a few years ago, AVON Cosmetics Ariadne decided in 2018 to make AVON products available again. AVON sells a vast variety of cosmetic products and is known worldwide.

The owner of AVON Cosmetica Ariadne came to us in 2018 with the request to improve the technical aspect of the webshop, so that she could expand faster and serve her customers more professionally.

May 2018
Development Wordpress Webshop

AVON webshop

For the AVON webshop, we were responsible for the implementation of the technical aspects. For example, we have integrated WooCommerce in the webshop and made use of various plug-ins to optimize the experience for users.

Automatic processing

By using WooCommerce in combination with Mollie (payment provider) and MyParcel, the ordering process is almost entirely automated.

WooCommerce collects the orders, after which Mollie processes the payments and MyParcel prepares everything for shipping!

Varied products

AVON has many different products, which is why we have developed the webshop in a way which makes adding variable products easy. The webshop now has single products, product variations (colors/scents) and the option to bundle products into a set.

Reward system

In 2019 a reward system was built in, which allow customers to save points by buying products or leaving a review. They can use these points to receive a discount on their order.

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