Artisan wines from your own vineyard

A platform for vineyards

GrapeKeeper is an online platform where you can buy your own unique wine from "your vineyard." Consumers are given the opportunity to experience what it is like to have their own vineyard in different countries.

In 2018, GrapeKeeper came to us with the request to create a logo and a design of a vineyard page. Also, we developed the entire platform in October CMS so that the sale could actually start.

May 2018
Custom Made Website / Platform

GrapeKeeper logo

The GrapeKeeper logo had to be iconic, classic and transparent.

An icon and the word "Grapekeeper" have therefore been chosen. The icon can be used independently, is in the shape of a G (GrapeKeeper) and looks like a grape.

With this logo, GrapeKeeper was launched in 2018, and the logo was renewed in 2019 to reflect the new house style.

GrapeKeeper platform

We have faced various technical challenges for GrapeKeeper, which we solved together with them. This has ensured that GrapeKeeper now has a platform where vineyards are available throughout Europe and that the wine can also be delivered (almost) anywhere in Europe!

Design vineyard page

For the GrapeKeeper platform, one page had to be designed with detailed information of a vineyard. This page is crucial for the platform as the experience of a consumer starts here.

We have used visual images, from and about the vineyard and producer, to convey the unique atmosphere of a vineyard to the consumer. 

Vineyards Overview

On the vineyard overview page, consumers can find all the vineyards of GrapeKeeper. There is a smart filter system where consumers can filter vineyards by country and type of wine. This allows everyone to easily find his/her favorite vineyard and wine!

Integration with a payment provider

Consumers can quickly pay on the platform through the integration we have made with payment provider Mollie.

This allows GrapeKeeper to receive payments from everyone in Europe. Whether it's an iDeal payment, SEPA transfer or pay via credit card, the platform handles everything automatically!

Dashboard User

The dashboard is where the consumer has an overview of his GrapeKeeper experience!

On the dashboard, consumers can find their purchased vineyards, their total square meters of vineyards and personal information.

VAT system

GrapeKeeper operates throughout Europe, and that is why different VAT percentages had to be taken into account.

By developing a smart VAT system, everyone now gets the correct VAT percentage calculated for the country where he/she sends the wine to.

Wine Labels

Many wine labels have been designed by UpTop that can be used for the unique wine of consumers.

Each wine label has the option of being provided with its own name. This makes the wine bottle really unique!

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