Haus Holunder

Enjoy a casual holiday!

The most beautiful bed & breakfast in Austria!

UpTop has designed and developed the new website for Haus Holunder. Haus Holunder is a beautiful bed and breakfast located in Weissbriach, Austria. You can stay here in both summer and winter; therefore the website is also designed to show the unique experience of both seasons.

November 2018
Custom Website - October CMS

Website Haus Holunder

For the Haus Holunder website, we paid particular attention to the experience that the site must offer users.

In this way, the website gives the visitor a clear picture of the apartments, the environment and we have optimized the site for use on a mobile phone.

Different languages

Haus Holunder attracts tourists from all over Europe. It is therefore essential that the website is translated into the most populair languages.

A translation tool has been built in which Haus Holunder can use to easily translate everything. Currently, they used NL, ENG, DE and IT as language options for their customers.

Dynamic apartmens

The apartments are built in such a way that Haus Holunder can easily add new apartments with all the information they need.

In this way, they can describe the unique properties per apartment, add photos and add a general description.

Bookingtool integration

Hotels and apartments nowadays often depend on existing booking sites. We have built Haus Holunder in such a way that it can be easily be linked to the favorite booking tools!

Mobile menu

Because website visitors nowadays increasingly approach a website via a mobile phone, we have built in several mobile optimizations for Haus Holunder.

For example, the button to open the menu on a mobile phone is at the bottom of the screen, so you can simply click it with your thumb!

We use cookies to make use of our customer support directly on our website for example. So we can help you even faster and easier!