Innovation using Microsoft Cloud solutions

Microsoft Cloud solution in a brand new style

SCCT is an IT service provider specialized in providing high-quality expertise in the field of Microsoft Cloud solutions. They believe that the Cloud offers added value to every organization.

In 2017, SCCT needed a corporate identity upgrade which made the appearance look less "boring and corporate." In addition to the corporate identity, the website has also been updated and developed with Wordpress.

SCCT can be found more often at trade fairs in 2018, and 2019 which results in a continues need of printed materials. All this in the style of the new corporate identity.

November 2018
Corporate Identity, Website & Press-work

A new corporate identity

The colors of the old corporate identity were orange and blue. These colors have been retained and are now expanded with two more accent colors. The renewal of the corporate identity is mainly reflected in the application of colors and style.

For the new corporate identity, a style that is not often used by IT / Cloud companies was chosen; a polygon style.

Primary colors


Secondary colors


Polygon style

The Polygon style is implemented in the icons all of the main images of the website.

SCCT Website

The SCCT website received a major structural update at the end of 2018. The entire flow of the site has changed, making it even more explicit for consumers what SCCT does and what options there are.


We have applied the 3-30-300 rule to make the website clearer for the consumer. They must be able to find what SCCT does on the first page in 3 seconds, find out more about the services in 30 seconds and find comprehensive information about a specific service in 300 seconds.

At the home page, you can briefly find what SCCT does (3 seconds), then there is a short explanation per service (30 seconds), and finally, there is the service detail page (300 seconds).

Marketing communications

In addition to having developed the website, we also create various marketing communications for SCCT. This varies from stickers to complete wall banners that can be used for events.

We use cookies to make use of our customer support directly on our website for example. So we can help you even faster and easier!